I dare you to move. Like today never happened.

To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.



Welcome to my profile. I'm Lightz474. My journal is friends-only because there are some crazy people out there that I don't want bothering me. I love scifi tv, laughing, playing Xbox, downloading random apps with my Iphone, and more.

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Credit for mood themes and headers in use on lightz474's page:
Jack/Gwen Torchwood header by the fantastically awesome Miss mercscilla!!!
User icon or Silk icon made by FamFamFam.com.
Current layout by mercscilla.
Current Booth/Brennan header made by the awesome cool_rush.
Sparky header made by the fantastically cool peacelove_happy.
Hot Sheppard mood theme made by dana_cz
Awesome table code made by mercscilla.

Support love.

I support a person's right to love whomever they want to. Nothing you say will change my mind.

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